Jennifer Luis Professional Shampoo Bars


Sustainable haircare doesn’t mean a compromise on quality and feel

When Jennifer Luis, a professional hairdresser accustomed to high-performing hair care products, looked to switch her shampoo bottle to a shampoo bar, she couldn’t. There wasn’t a product that offered both a high-quality feel AND an environmentally friendly ethos; you had to choose one or the other.

Realising she wasn’t the only person who wanted to do her bit for the environment, without sacrificing the condition of her hair, Jennifer Luis created her own range of shampoo bars.

With a clear vision to use natural, nourishing ingredients, and determination to a create vegan and palm-oil-free products, Jennifer Luis has set the bar for shampoo bars. Sustainable haircare no longer means a compromise on quality and feel. 
Jennifer Luis professional shampoo bars are:

▫ Colour saving

▫ Volume giving

▫ PH balancing

▫ Plastic-free

▫ Palm-oil-free

▫ Paraben and sulphate-free

▫ Developed by scientists in Sweden

▫ Made in the UK

▫ Made with just 3% water. The other 97% is ethically sourced ingredients. While most bottled shampoo is 80% water

Our shampoo bars are the result of scientific know-how and the passion of professional hairdressers who truly understand what makes great hair. 

We know that healthy hair is cared-for hair. Healthy hair is beautiful. Healthy hair is worth investing in.

Take a look at our product range to find your Jennifer Luis professional shampoo solution.

Rest assured, there is no transition period when you switch to a Jennifer Luis professional shampoo bar. Wash your hair as usual and see the results immediately.


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Find your hair type from the list below and discover how your Jennifer Luis professional shampoo bar will give you the best hair of your life.


For unruly, coarse or prone to frizz hair

Full of powerful ingredients to strengthen and restore dried-out hair

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For normal, but could be healthier hair

Strengthening ingredients that maintain health and shine to your hair

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For oily, fine or lacking in volume hair

Packed with antioxidants that give your hair protection and fullness

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'I don't think quality has to suffer for us to make an environmentally kind choice'


The shampoo bar smelt amazing and definitely left my hair feeling thicker!

I loved how easy it was to use, easy to lather and then apply and get a lather in my hair. Loved the way my hair felt light and bouncy, full of volume for the whole day and even next day . Loved the smell too!

This is such a fab product, easy to use and also great for sustainability and the environment - win win

I am so happy to have found this shampoo bar! It fulfils my environmental requirements and has also given me the best hair condition I have had in years! I can highly recommend it to anybody and I shall continue to use.

Clean smell, easy to rinse thoroughly, and left hair feeling light and 'swishy

It was my first time using a shampoo bar and I loved it! It was so easy to use, it lathered up really quick so I felt I didn't have to over do it, and there was no plastic packaging. Win, win, win.