Benefits of using a bamboo comb

Benefits of using a bamboo comb

Great news!

Here at Jennifer Luis HQ, we have been researching bamboo combs for quite some time now and after lots of trials we are super excited to tell you we now stock the Jennifer Luis bamboo combs! We absolutely love these combs, and we think you will to.

Here is why you may want to use a bamboo comb

  • Healthy scalp equals healthy hair.

Did you know by combing your hair with a wooden comb it gives an effect of a scalp massage (and who doesn't love a good scalp massage). The rounded edges of the comb teeth stimulate the scalp, as a result the circulation of the blood is increased, enhancing the scalps health.

  • Helps with hair growth.

By boosting the blood circulation to the scalp not only will it help the scalp, but it will in fact help with hair growth. Blood flow ensures that every hair follicle receives oxygen and nutrients this helps the anagen phase of the hair.

  • Kind to the scalp 

The softer rounded edge of the wooden comb is also kinder, if you suffer with an irritated scalp.

  • No more static frizz 

Plastic and metal combs and brushes have a positive electric charge and hair has a negative electrical charge which attracts hair to the comb causing static and/or frizz. Wooden combs can't conduct electricity, so they keep your hair free from static.

  • It is sustainable

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, making it extremely sustainable. It can grow 1.5 inches per hour.

  • It's a win win for everyone

Bamboo is strong yet light weight meaning these lovely combs are super easy to use. They are perfect for the whole family.

🤍 Hairdressers tip for combing your hair the right way - always start at the tip (ends) of the hair working up to the roots.🤍



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