How do bad hair days really affect your mood?

How do bad hair days really affect your mood?

Yes, we all know good hair makes us feel better but who knew how much it actually affected us.

Bad hair days are something we have all had from time to time and yes, the year of 2020 defiantly added too our lifetime quoter. But did you know just how many bad hair days we actually have, on average British woman endure 7332 bad hair days in a life - That's 20 YEARS!!!

In a hair study by Travelodge, 2000 women were asked how their hair affects their mood. The study found that 8 out of 10 women believe their glory, their self-worth, their beauty lies in their hair. 

How our hair looks really does affect the way we feel, the study revealed 51 per cent of female workers say they preform better at work when their hair is looking good. And 32 per cent of British female workers admit they have rung in sick to avoid going to work with bad hair. 

They also found that 67 per cent say bad hair days have impacted their confidence at job interviews.

Here at Jennifer Luis, we think life is too short to have bad hair days, so here is our guide to help combat those fluffy/ too flat/ sticking up/ sticking out/ lying straight/ curling up, pesky bad hair days.

  • Use the right product for your hair type. I know we all love asking our friends, family, colleges what products they use but unless their hair type is the same as yours you are just not going to get the same results. *
  • Rinse your hair with cold water. Yes this is harder in the winter months than summer but its worth it. The cold water will close the hair cuticles leaving the hair with a silky shiny appearance.
  • Go get regular trims. 
  • Give your hair a break from using too much heat when styling.
No1 shampoo bar is for hair that is unruly, coarse and prone to frizz.
 No2 shampoo bar is for normal but could be healthier hair.
No3 shampoo bar is for hair that is oily, fine or lacking in volume. 


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