No 1 shampoo bar - to replenish unruly, coarse or prone to frizz hair- Jennifer Luis Haircare

No 1 Shampoo Bar - For unruly, coarse or prone to frizz

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No.1 is your shampoo solution

No.1 enriches each strand of hair, without weighing it down.

With a rich blend of powerful ingredients to strengthen and restore dried-out hair, this nourishing shampoo bar leaves your hair smoother, healthier and stronger. Using creamy, exotic sandalwood, sweet, woody cedarwood and refreshing honeyed neroli, No.1's warming aroma will leave you with a feeling of serenity and confidence. With Jennifer Luis professional shampoo bar No.1, your hair will turn heads everywhere.

Hero ingredients: Bamboo extract, hemp, oils and proteins and turmeric.

How to use: Rub the bar between your hands, or directly on to wet hair, to make a lather. Wash your scalp and hair as you usually would. Rinse.

Conditioner: We are developing a range of Jennifer Luis professional conditioner bars which will be available to buy soon. In the meantime, our advice would be to find a silicone-free conditioner. When conditioning, avoid applying the product to your roots, so your hair is weightless and non-greasy. 

How to store your bar: Keep it away from water - either on a basin, in a soap dish, or hanging in a net. Keeping your bar dry between uses will mean no mess and more washes.

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