It takes 2 baby!

It takes 2 baby!

Why do hairdressers always wash your hair twice with shampoo before using conditioner? 

Well the first shampoo removes dirt, grime and product build up. The second shampoo actually cleans your hair.

When you wash your hair you are actually cleansing your scalp, which is a living thing. Just like the skin on your face and body, your scalp contains sweat and oil glands. Also, your scalp sheds dead skin cells, but unlike the skin on your body, the skin cells have nowhere to go and get trapped in the hair and on the scalp.

In an ideal world you would wash your scalp morning and night just like you do your face, but only wash your hair twice a week as we want to protect the colour and not dry the hair out. BUT this is the thing your hair is attached to your scalp, you can't wash one without washing the other. That's why we recommend washing your hair around every other day to keep your scalp clean while keeping your hair in good condition. Leaving it longer can cause a build up of bacteria, yeast and dead skin cells which are bad for your hair and scalp. 

But look! you know your own hair, if you want to wash it every day that's brilliant so go for it. If you like to leave it a week in between washes then that's fine too, its your hair and your scalp. However, if you do prefer the longer gap in between washing and have problems with your scalp i.e. a flaky scalp, maybe try cleansing your hair more regularly and see if you notice any improvement.

Everyone's hair is different so when you are buying shampoo always chose the right shampoo for your hair type. 

No1 Shampoo Bar - For hair that is unruly, coarse and prone to frizz.

No2 Shampoo Bar - For normal, but could be healthier hair. 

No3 Shampoo Bar - For hair that's oily, fine or lacking in volume.




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